Authority Structure

Freemasonic Renunciation

Protocol for Praying to Break the Freemasonic Curse

Who needs to say these prayers of renunciation? The freemasonry curse passes away after the 4th generation if the curse is not affirmed. Common ways a curse is affirmed include abortion, contraception, fornication, rape, especially involving virginity. The demon sees all of these as blood and human sacrifice.

Do not use these prayers as a precautionary measure “just in case” there is any unknown or unconfirmed freemasonic membership in the family line. These prayers are only to be prayed when there is a religious context involved. This is compared to a peanut allergy in that the allergy can lay dormant and unknown until one is exposed to peanuts. In other words, once a person moves toward a true relationship with the
Catholic Church the penalties invoked may appear. Typical events that trigger FM retaliation:

  • Pursuit of vocation within sacramental construct (religious life, ordination, matrimony)
  • Minor children approaching sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion, or Confirmation
  • Adult conversion to Catholicism

Prayers Follow The Blood Line

In the case of a descendant whose father, grandfather and or earlier generation of grandfathers were practicing members of freemasonry, the oldest living patriarch should pray the prayers for the family line. Should this oldest living patriarch be unwilling or unable to pray these prayers then the next oldest son could do so. If there is no living patriarch, then the oldest living daughter can pray these prayers. Note, that
the male spouse of a descendant daughter would not have the authority to pray the prayers on behalf of his wife and her family. In kind, a woman would not have the authority to pray these prayers on behalf of her husband and his family line. Again, the prayers follow the blood through the male line. They (husband and wife) pray the prayers together in the case of a wife descendant of Lodge member with non-compliant
or deceased male’s superior in the line to her.

We are finding that the husband’s prayers on her behalf are not effective. If she prays the prayers herself, with her husband’s, assistance, and participation the curse is severed in her and coming through her, and the renunciation is effective in stopping the effects in her and her minor children.

When determining the bloodline, consider this in the same way as a legal claim to inheritance. Example: If a man (being the FM member) were to die without a will, who would be his “blood” descendant to inherit his estate? First, the living sons and daughters, (not stepchildren), then, the grandchildren would be the order for inheritance. If all sons and daughters of the FM father or grandfather were deceased, it would be the living grandson or granddaughter who would pray the renunciation prayers.

How To Engage In Praying The Prayers:

The prayers can be found in Appendix III at the back of the prayer book “Deliverance Prayers for Use by the Laity”. This may be purchased at It is advisable to read the prayers through first so you know what is involved so to affirm your resolve to renounce and break the oaths involved.

Active or Past Memeber
of a Masonic or secret organization must pray the prayers in a sacred space (church, chapel,) in the presence of a Priest. The original FM oaths were taken in an institutional setting (FM Lodge) in front of members and hierarchy. Therefore, a renunciation must follow in like manner with a Catholic institutional presence and authoritative response in the following manner:

  1. To be prayed once a week for a total of three weeks (Rare exception would be that the prayers be prayed over a course of 5 days with one day between each prayer session.)
  2. It is strongly advised for the efficacy of your prayers, that all those in attendance are “in” and sustain “a state of grace” during this entire protocol. One should confess any involvement in freemasonry or other secret society/fraternity prior to the sessions. If you are married, your spouse should also be present during these prayer sessions.
  3. A witness should be advised to take note of any resistance or affects the person may experience or display while praying these prayers and report these to the priest on the third week. As well, the witness should have holy water available to offer the person praying the prayers so they can bless themselves should any affliction develops in response to the prayer.
  4. At the end of each session the priest has specific prayers to pray while laying their stole on the client’s head. These prayers are not found in the book for the laity. They are as follows:

Priest Prayers: (said at the end of EACH session)
The descendant says the following three times, as the Priest places the stole on the
client’s head:

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I break the power of everything that I have renounced, and I command it to leave me now and go straight to the foot of Jesus to do with as He desires. Amen.”

The Priest then says three times:

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I break the power of everything that ___ has renounced, and I command it to leave him/her now and go straight to the foot of the Cross for Jesus to do with as He desires.”

The Priest now asks the Holy Spirit for an infilling of grace into the person.

Non-Member But Descendant:
If you never participated in any Masonic organization but you are a descendant of someone who was, it is recommended that the appropriate member in the family blood line pray these prayers as stated above with the only exception being: The prayers are not required to be recited in the presence of a Priest.